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Everyone knows, it’s better to have and not need, rather than to need and not have!

Thats why I’ve compiled this list of Ten items every dad should own and where to get them. Because we both know, that thing your wife told you not to get and you bought it anyway might come in handy one day!

1. Collapsible/Extendable Ladder


Now this one doesn’t require too much explination as there is always a need for a ladder at some point in life.

For those of us who live in apartments and townhomes without fire escapes, this item is essential.

Weather  you are escaping a 2nd story apartment fire or saving kittens from trees, a quick extending/collapsing ladder is great  to have on hand! The cost varies upon height and features. You can find them at Home Depot, Walmart or even on Amazon for as low as $30.

2. Flares or Flare Gun


Flares are pretty old fashioned as most have been replaced with energy efficient LED lights. What type of flare you should get depends highly upon what type of safety emergency happens when you least expect it.

LED flashers are great for roadside emergencies.

Traditional flares are still the best in my opinion because of the rich, colorful smoke they emit and the blazing flame that extends like a sparkler on steroids! They definitely dont last as long, but they are cheap and effective.

A flare can help a rescue chopper locate your family on a rooftop or prevent an oncoming motorist from ramming into your disabled vehicle. Flares have been used for years in many non-emergency situations as well. Get them from any local hardware store.

3. Tactical Knife


Every man, father or not, should own a tactical knife. The most basic tactical knives include emergency features built into the handle of the knife. Let’s take the Swiss Army Knife to a whole other level!

A sufficient tactical knife should include at least the following:

– Flashlight

– Smooth and rigid on single blade

– Push button or spring action

– Rope cutter

– Flintstone

– Glassbreaker at bottom of grip

I usually order my knives online because physical retailers overprice their products to gain profits from their wholesale stock purchase. Never buy a knife from that shop in the mall! You can get a great quality knife easily searching on eBay or Amazon.

4. A Rifle ( or two!)


Second Amendment rights have never been more sketchy than these days. With all the mass shootings and crazed lunatics in this world, bearing arms wasnt a choice for me, it’s a duty.

The reason rifle is in the list and not handgun is because rifles are much more affordable and easier to obtain. In New York state, it could take years to get approved for a license to carry a handgun. A rifle, on the other hand, can be registered and purchased withing 30 minutes.

With rifle ownership comes great responsibility as well. Be sure to learn about the gun laws in your city and state.

Just because you own a rifle doest mean you are protected. In the event of a home invasion, your own weapons can be used against you! Be sure to get proper training on how to defend yourself. Register at a shooting range, study hunting, learn everything about your weapon and practice!

5. Emergency Kit


Self explanitory. Choose an affordable emergency kit. Be sure that it includes everything you desire. Buy one for the home and one for the car.

6. Handheld fire extinguisher


Amazon $12.97:


Walmart $15.60:


7. Surveillance System


Power of the Eagle Eye as they say. If you can see a threat coming before it infiltrates the fort, youve got the upper hand. Theres a much better odds of preparation or escape from danger.

After much research, you ‘get what you pay for’ is true for this item. The surveillance industry had evolved into the mobile and digital era, linking home cameras remotely to cell phones and tablets instead of monitors. Footage can now be streamed straight to a device linked with the system or privately stored online.

The most basic domestic surveillance systems start in the hundres of dollars for something worth buying. Here’s a much cheaper (basically free) idea I have found to be pretty useful if you are a crafty dad like me!