Every 13 seconds there is a burglary in the US. Homes without security systems are 300% more likely to br broken into. But what if you cant afford a fancy security system right away? Here are some affordable ideas about how to protect your home in the meantime.

So there was a burglary in my neighborhood and I decided I was going to get some security cameras in case my home was ever burglarized. I started to research remote methods of surveillance where i could view my home while I was away. Another option was to purchase a package with the whole shabang, cameras, monitor and all.

 I quickly came to find  how expensive these systems really are! You get what you pay for here, and $200 bucks was the cheapest I could find for something worth buying. Didnt have it at the time and decided to take another route!

It’s amazing what you can do with an old android phone and a smart tv!

I came across a great app that gives purpose to that old smartphone you had in the drawer. Busywww.com offers an app for android devices (sorry iphone users) that is free on Google Play Store called Camera Remote.

This app allows you to view a devices camera from another remote device, using wifi or bluetooth connection! Cool! Busywww also offers a collection of additional apps that are useful as well!

 One cell phone acts as the camera and the other cell ohine acts as the remote viewer.

I set up my old cell phone on a selfie stick with the camera facing my back yard patio. With this app, I could easily view my patio at night while in my bedroom upstairs just by accessing this app! No more jumping up and running downstairs when the wife hears that creak in the night! 

Having surveillance adds peice of mind.Seeing an intruder wont stop them from entering your home, but it does give you a heads up! 

You can find a window alarm like the one pictured above from Dollar Tree or even online from Amazon.

In addition to surveillance, this low budget alarm system delivers a loud annoying alarm that nobody could possibly sleep through, even the neigbors! This is sure to scare off an intruder or alert you in time to react. 

If you have any ither ideas about securing your home on a budget, feel free to share ideas in the comments below!